Welcome to World Trails Asia the Ultimate enduro guided tour in Palawan philippines run by a professional rider instructor. We offer a range of dirt bike riding adventures from intermediate to expert rider from a day ride to 3 days through the rain forest,passing water buffalo trail,river cross,and hills top.We also do teach enduro riding om our Enduro park.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

World trails Asia enduro park & school puerto princesa palawan philippines.

World Trails Asia are the only Enduro School with private park in the philippines and asia. We welcome ennduro and trail rider enthusiast up to pro rider aspirant who race and like to progress.

WTA will also invite enduro champion like Shane Watt to conduct 
classes.For this you will have to bring our own enduro bike,gears and shoulder your gas hotel &amp, food .

After graduate from the school 3rd level you could be allow to rent school bike under clubmanship.

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